A4 Orginal light box and letter packs. The ideal Gift for many

The ideal Gift for many.

A4 orginal light box and letter packs review.

A4 light box and letter pack

Gingersnap light boxes make the perfect gift and with Christmas coming up we stock a great range of light boxes to suit all members of the family!

You can display all sorts of messages on our light box from quirky quotes or celebrational messages such as happy Christmas! I know we will be using our for the countdown to Christmas!

The lovely Fiona from Mummy’s Little Stars recently reviewed a gingersnap A4 original lightbox with 2 of our additional letter packs including the pretty pastel colour 120 letters, symbols and number pack and the fun Emoji symbols.

Our letter packs have always been a great extra when purchasing a lightbox and really creates endless possibilities for messages. Fiona loved our letter packs and really got into using the Emoji symbols in her messages. These are great for children but also adults alike!

Because who does not want to include the iconic Emoji symbols on their lightbox.


It was also lovely to see how Fiona’s son enjoyed playing with the lightbox and how he created his own messages. He used the emoji symbols to add to his thoughtful message off ‘I love you’

lightbox, emoji symbol pack


A great quote from Fiona’s review

‘ Overall I love the lightbox, it looks on trend and modern around the house and adds a bit of light which attracts attention to it from guests.  I love being able to change the message and can see it getting lots of use throughout the year'


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