Pretty in Pink for Christmas

Gingersnap Pink Christmas Gift Guide

pink gifts


Christmas is creeping in closer and we are starting to tick off our gift lists. Here at gingersnap HQ we love PINK and have decided to give our customers a saving off up to 33% when purchasing any of our pink gifts.


Have a scroll down and see which Pink gifts would make that perfect Christmas present.

pink letter board

Our Pink letter boards are a great gift and would be perfect for a girls bedroom, university accommodation or your living room. With 300 white letters, symbols and numbers they are a great gift with a funky twist on the original peg letter boards.

pink neon flamingo

Looking for some fun neon lighting? We stock a fantastic range of PINK neon lights from our best seller  - The PINK neon flamingo table lamp to our pretty PINK star.

Looking for some wall neon?! Don't worry we also have a great PINK balloon heart neon wall light.

Our large neon lights starts from only £33.33 on our Pretty in PINK Deal.

pink balloon neon

If you are a neon fan but looking for something on the smaller side why not take a look at our mini neon flamingo lamp? They make great stocking fillers and have the extra addition of being powered by batteries or USB cable.

Mini neon flamingo

Head over to our Pink Gifts now and to save up to 33% use code: PINK at checkout.

Happy Pink Christmas Everyone!