Its all about the letters

It's all in the letters.

A4 Lightbox


Light boxes have been a wonderful way for displaying messages on in and around the home and office. Creating a unique and bold message is a continuing trend that took off with our lightboxes and has now moved onto our NEW vintage felt letter boards.

Whether you are trying to inspire yourself to chase your dreams, announce a celebration or hoping by leaving a message on an illumined lightbox it SHOULD give your husband the hint to do the washing up we are here to help.

A4 Lightbox

If you’re looking for a bit more room why not have a look at our landscape or A3 lightboxes. It gives you LOTS more room for having fun with making up quirky fun quotes.

Two Line Landscape Lightbox


If a lightbox is not quite your thing why not try out one of our retro letter boards. Available in 2 sizes and a range of great colours our letter boards are a great alternative to a lightbox. Made with premium felt and oak frames our letter boards make a gorgeous home accessory with the additional bonus of being able to write what you want on it!

Large Midnight Blue Felt letter board


Have some fun and express yourself.......Motivate your Hubby to do the dishes!